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Fireplace screens


Egan Fireplace Screen.
Filigree elegant fireplace screen. Old world vintage style solid brass.
TL-20508 -Size: 57"x 36" tall
Price: $399.95

Grand Metal Fireplace Screen. Three panel metal mesh fireplace screen with distressed copper finish.
Item: TL-80222 -Size: 58" x 36"
Price: $149.95
Fancy Scroll Fireplace Screen.
Three panel fancy scrollwork fireplace screen.
Item: TL-90569 -Size: 48"x38"l
Price: $189.95
Venetian Bronze Scroll Fireplace Screen. Bowed bar scrollwork bronze finish ireplace screen.
Item:BLR-S-1659 -Size: 56" X 40"
Price: $349.95

Peacock Fireplace Screen. Hand crafted colorful Peacock design in a 3-section metal screen work. Great addition to a colorful den or living room.
Item: BV-55275 -Size: 48 x 32" tall
Price: $199.95
Bay Peacock Fireplace Screen.
Hand crafted colorful Peacock design in a bay window shaped metal fireplace screen. Great for a smaller den or bedroom fireplace.
Item:BV-55274 -Size: 33 X 32" tall
Price: $308.95
Catarina Style Fireplace Screen. Elegantly styled in metal filigree wrought iron. Hand crafted of durable materials to last a lifetime.
MX-12029 -Size:48" x 33.5 tall
Price: $209.95
Effie Fireplace Screen.
Wrought iron hand made elegant fireplace three section screen. "UTTERMOST" brand in durable wrought iron. 
Item:UT-20960 -Size:50"x 34 H
Price: $399.95

Metal Fireplace Screen.
Three pane standard folding fireplace screen with top arched design.
Item:S-1023 -Size: 55' x 31" tall
Price: $259.95
Arched Scroll Fireplace Screen. 
Black wrought iron arched top metal scroll 3-pane fireplace screen.
Item: S-1088 -Size: 55.5"x 31" tall
Price: $219.95
Diamond Design Fireplace Screen.
Black diamond design 3-pane folding fireplace screen.
Item: S-1194-Size: 32" tall
Price: $219.95
Venetian Bronze Fireplace Screen.. Classic Venetian design in a bronze finish metal folding fireplace screen.
Item: S-1659 -Size: 56"x 40" H Price: $359.95

Fireplace Screen.
Item: TL-95650 -Size: 33" tall
Price: $109.95
Fireplace Screen.
Item: TL-97379 -Size: 34" tall
Price: $109.95
Fireplace Screen.

Item: TL-97361 -Size: 31" tall
Price: $129.95
Fireplace Screen.

Item: TL-97364 -Size: 27" tall
Price: $119.95

Chloe Lighting Peacock Fireplace Screen.  Attractive Peacock Fireplace screen made of durable quality materials and easy to maintain. Hand crafted Peacock and floral designs on stained glass.
CH-48B1046 -Size: 38"x 34" tall
Price: $429.95

Chloe Lighting Cathedral Windows Fireplace Screen.
A very elegant stained glass fireplace screen that will give warmth and inspiration on chilly nights. Hand crafted of durable quality materials.
CH-33375 - Size: 31"x 26" tall
Price: $409.95
Chloe Lighting Mission Windows Fireplace Screen.
Another great design by Chloe Lighting. Bright Fall colors in window pane stained glass with deep blue accents.
CH-44B630 -Size: 34"x 29" tall
Price: $399.95
Chloe Lighting Fancy Victorian Fireplace Screen.
Intricate geometric shapes of stained glass in a classic Victorian era design. Hand crafted of quality materials to last many years.
CH-40B195 -Size: 57"x 36" tall
Price: $399.95

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